❤ about;;

katie || 25 || she/her (preferred), they/them

romantic/sexual orientation not quite figured out but i'm leaning towards grey-panromantic pansexual atm.

❤ i have;;

depression || anxiety || obsessive-compulsive disorder (checking primary) || hypochondria || misophonia || suicidal thoughts
***PLEASE NOTE that if i'm having an episode and you want to help the best thing you can do is distract me. comforting me or trying to get me to talk about it makes it worse

❤ YES;;

love live!
scream (mtv)

❤ NO;;

jojo's bizarre adventure (literally if you talk to me abt this or do anything w/ it and my ocs im blocking you and not in the Ha Ha Fake Upset way)
boku no hero academia
most nintendo franchises (esp. splatoon)
voltron or whtaever

❤ ocs;;

tobio shinohara (da5)

❤ major triggers;;

forced kissing
doomsday scenarios

❤ minor triggers;;

insect or cat death
ocd and hypochondria jokes

mourning (a death) is very touch and go for me so i wouldn't call it a trigger but if i'm in a bad place it can be a little much for me

i'd also prefer not to be sent pictures of tsuyu (frog girl) from bnha