Kitchen ave

Shopping for kitchen gadgets and gizmos can be fun and exciting! Kitchen Ave, a family owned company, was founded back in 2012. Hailing from France, the owners and employees learned and mastered the art of cooking, baking, and design; as well as perfected the art of shopping. Their kitchen goods are innovative, beautiful, and high quality products that bring instant enjoyment and satisfaction into your home or the home of others near and dear to you. Be prepared to discover many unique items that you won’t find in big name stores and you will never feel pressured, intimidated, or get lost in long and large aisles. Kitchen Ave offers baking, cooking, beverage, and electric items; as well as sleek and chic cutlery to use day to day or use on special occasions.
Kitchen Ave puts as much energy into customer service as they do when they hand select each product to stock on their shelves. When you step into the cozy store, you will be transformed into a place that doesn’t just sell “stuff” but sells a full shopping experience. The sales associates are at your disposal and shoppers can take part in product demonstrations, as well as indulge in delicious tastings that are offered by the knowledgeable and experienced staff and chefs throughout the day. You will never go home with an item that leaves you guessing how to use, and you will get motivated to decorate your home after viewing displays and décor in the store which will assist you in creating a beautiful table setting or culinary arrangement when playing host or hostess. You are sure to feel the love and strong bond between the team of family members who have put their heart and soul into the specialty store.
At Kitchen Ave, you can shop the day away for new items to add to your current culinary collection, or pick up the perfect present to give to your friends or family members. The store even has a special space for wrapping gifts and offers a large variety of classic and beautiful bags, paper, and ribbons; free of charge!
You are sure to get the attention you need and deserve, as well as come across interesting and one of a kind gadgets and gizmos when shopping at Kitchen Ave!