Kimmel Ciel

It's always been so difficult for me to even figure out who I am. The thing is, confused is what I am. Also fickle, oversensitive, melodramatic, impossibly romantic at heart, those are all what I am.

On other notes, I've almost finished my Bachelor degree on multimedia design, slightly more focused on printing media and video. I'm conceptual, more on theory than practice. I'm ridiculously interested in Renaissance Arts and Impressionism; I'm also in a love-hate relationship with Post-Modernism. My dream is to study FineArts History and Theories, live in Paris, wander the Louvre everyday and fly to Boston to visit the Museum of FineArts once every two weeks. When I'm not dreaming, I want to work in advertising, specifically social advertising.

I also want to be a writer, or a literature critic. But that's a whole different story.