Kitania Kavey

Screenwriter in the Netherlands

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I am always a contradiction.

I'm an able disabled person.

Fearfully unafraid.

A positive pessimist.

A timid adventurer.

A successful screwup.

Boisterously calm.

The nicest mean person ever.

And simply an extraordinarily ordinary woman.


I am the richest poor person, and super grateful for the smallest things, that really are the biggest; food, shelter, water, electricity...

I am a writer. I am disabled. I am a woman. I am a pathfinder.

If the odds are 99 to 1, be the one. Nothing is impossible.


Since I never finished high school and have a brain injury, I decided that it would be most challenging to become a writer. I can't write prose, but do well with screenplays. I love it. I feel passionate about screenwriting, and it provides me a sense of purpose.

I am looking for 3-D animators (students preferred) to help create a 5-minute animation from my award-winning short "Spirit Dance." Credit/showreel offered.

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