Julie Kitsulie


I create projects for a variety of clients that entertain, educate or inform. My work includes Flash animation, illustration, graphic design, marketing, video editing, and voice acting. This includes making animated shorts, custom logos and mascots, book covers and illustrations, social media, newsletters, writing, and presentations.

When I'm not at the computer working behind the scenes, I work as an entertainer. From children's birthday parties to haunted houses or working on set as a background extra. Balloon twisting, face painting, & magic are some of my skills and I'm learning new ones everyday.

I'm also a volunteer nerd and love to help out wherever I can. Volunteer activities include the Science Museum, Rock Climbing Gym, Local Conventions (such as Dragon Con and Days of the Dead), Good Mews Animal Shelter, Great Georgia Air Show, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

I'm an adventurer and there's always something new everyday. My favorite hobbies include stunt work, aerial dancing, rock climbing, skating, skateboarding, trapeze, swimming, woodburning, metal bending, and painting.

I love to learn about everything in the world around me. I plan on getting a motorcycle license, and getting SCUBA certified. My favorite of all is pursuing my Pilot's License.

Even though I'm an Artist, I will also always be a Scientist.

Enjoy the Chaos & Stay TOONed! :)