Mimi Strider


Well, hi there. My name is Mimi, I'm currently 16 as of March 2nd, 2012. In a few months, I'll be 17. I've been looking for jobs since I was 14, but still no luck. :(

My dream is to be a famous artist or singer. I prefer singer, though. I'm a Sophmore in High School, but I should be a Junior. I was bullied so horribly through out middle school, that I wound up not being able to concentrate on my work, so I got held back in 7th grade. I don't mind though, because it's all behind me, and I wouldn't have met my best friend, Riley, if I didn't. :D

So, my favorite show is Doctor Who. My favorite incarnations are 4, 10, and 11. I love 9, but unfortunately he's not one of my top favorites.

I'm sort of-sort of not a "brony", though I am in the brony "community". I used to make songs for it, but I don't really have the equipment to make any anymore. Though, if I do get better equipment, I may be making more.

I'm 5'2", and I have no idea what my weight is at this point. I'm a pescetarian, (meaning I don't include meat in my diet, but seafood is always welcome).

My zodiac sign is a Pisces, and my moon sign is a sagittarius. (Who really goes by moon signs though?)

I absolutely love modern and old art, and drawing is my passion - alongside singing. Writing is sort of my hobby, though I never let anyone read what I've written. I always think they're going to make fun of it or something. Sad, but true, my confidence is not as high as it probably should be.

I'm pretty nice once you get to know me, but a lot of people judge me by the way I look before they even get to actually TALKING to me. I've had a rough past, and so if I come off too strong, it's probably because I want to know you, but I can't find the right words to say. I'm pretty shy despite my 'tough girl' act.

As of right now, I have a sweetheart pitbull named Cleo, a black cat named Clyde, a tuxedo cat named Lucy, a brand new kitten named Matt (Lucy's kit), a fat garfield looking cat named Becky, and a white cat with heterochromia named Osiris. OH, and a tabby named Abby (original, right.)

Unfortunately, we can't afford all of them, and we may only be keeping Abby, Clyde, Matt, and Cleo. We're going to have to keep Lucy until Matt is old enough to eat on his own. We were going to keep both Jeff and Matt (Yes, named after the Hardy Boyz) but unfortunately, little Jeff passed away at only a month or so old. But.. yeah. :c

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