Kiva Shelf

Director in Finland

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KIVA Furniture was set up by design industry entrepreneurs Stefan Mahlberg, Gian Fazio and Cezary Gorzynski. The aim was to rethink how furniture is bought, assembled and used over its lifetime.

Having built and delivered thousands of shelving units for other furniture companies, Stefan and Cezary understood well what needed to be changed to deliver more value and convenience to users.

With a long industry background and deep understanding customers’ needs, Gian Fazio shared their vision. Together the three formed KIVA with the aim to imagine and create new solutions in the furniture industry.

KIVA Shelf is fully customizable and features integrated electricity and low-voltage lighting. It is also easy to assemble; totally tool-free and the patented base-first system makes it possible for one person to assemble the entire shelf. KIVA shelving system is now available for pre-orders.