hi i'm kiki and i'm a dumb computer addict who loves to draw and write and has an obsession with music. i also like lowercase now so oops lol

as for my identity, as said in the header, i go by she/her pronouns, and added onto that, i am cis. i am an INFP in personality type, and i find it quite agrees with me. i'm also homoflexible. oh man. it took me years to figure that out. also i'm wolfkin, which i've started identifying with more recently. yaay xD

if i were to describe myself in words, i would call myself really empathetic and creative. expressing myself and my own identity as well as identifying with other people is so important to me. i'm also super non-judgemental. i want everyone to be happy no matter what, and i care about my friends deeply. like legit i can't live without them wow

my interests/hobbies include video games [cough transformice cough], anime, vocaloid, music in general, writing, drawing, and i could talk about my ships FOREVER dear god

ok this is getting way too long even tho i have fun writing about myself so yea thats it goodbye