Kiyoshi Kidd

Head of Sales Operations, Salesforce Consultant, and Photographer in Buffalo, New York

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Kiyoshi Kidd is the Head of Sales Operations at Alleyoop and is tasked with building amazing relationships with clients through Operational support and ongoing program initiatives.

Kiyoshi is responsible for maintaining data, administration, business analytics, reporting, dashboards, Salesforce administrating and consulting for multiple clients, scrubbing data like its his job (because it is) troubleshooting SFDC issues, and providing emotional Salesforce support to those who need it, it's ok he understands.

Fairly awesome Nerf gun shooter, better target.

Now, let's get personal.

My name is Kiyoshi Kidd but most people call me Yoshi. I'm a father of two great kids; Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Photographer, Graphic Designer.

Kiyoshi Kidd has attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for Graphic and Motion Media Design and graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Business, Sociology and a minor in Writing.

Some personal (and epic/outside of my "professional"​ work) things of note:
Brand Ambassador/Influencer for Colasso, Winston Box, and Buffalo Bearded Oils, worked as an extra on a few movies, done some big boy modeling, won Photography awards through local competitions and awards online. In his spare time, aside from being a dad, Kiyoshi Kidd is a photographer, graphic designer, body positive male model and actor and can sometimes be funny. Sometimes...

  • Work
    • Inside Sales Team
  • Education
    • Georgia Southern University
    • Savannah College of Art and Design