Kimberly M. Khang

Kimberly M. Khang

Fresh out of college with a B.S. in Retail Merchandising & Product Development from Florida State University, I hope to continue my career in fashion.

I'm a heavy thinker but open to all the possibilities that life has to offer. Don't take my serious demeanor as a sign of dislike, I just have a billions thoughts going through my mind. I like to put my skills into good use or else what would i be living for? I enjoy fashion illustration and I'm slowly learning but hope to be one of the greats.

I'm lookig for a place that will provide me with a creative outlook and that has a strong sense of culture, in which will help foster my growth in the fashion industry.

I have over 5 years of retail experience and hope to gain more knowledge about this fast changing & growing industry. I've also had hands on experience voluterring with runway shows such as, the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week SWIM 2011 in Miami and the Florida State University Homecoming Fashion Show 2009. I've recently had the pleasure of working at W Magazine along side the ready-to-wear and accessories team. The oppurtunity at W Magazine has made me fall more in love with New York and the indsutry.

Setting my sights on my objectives, I hope to whomever is reading that we will one day cross paths.