Kate Killick

No matter what life throws at you there are only 2 choices, roll with it and let it take over or seize the positives and react in a way that turns it around and makes it better for you! I react and it has got me where I am today... Thank god I make that choice every time.

I'm a successful HR professional, single mum and nan with a fantastic social life that blends with my professional life in a wonderful way. From being a founding member of a Residents Democracy Group (1994) on a local housing estate through to assisting in setting up a new Coaching & Mentoring CIPD SML group (2011), I have always enjoyed a challenge and sought out opportunities that will improve life, knowledge and skills for myself and others.

Being made redundant earlier this year (2011) gave me the opportunity to assess my life and make some important decisions!! My world has changed alot this year; my only child left home, being at the birth of my grandson (I'm quite a young nan) ... the list goes on... and so does my life and with a new outlook on my world I'm looking forward to my future.

I have numerous transferable skills that I have gained throughout the years and combined with an optimistic yet pragmatic approach to life I hope to continue having a positive effect on the people I meet and in the things that I do.