Karl Kinch

YOUR MONEY Merchant Processing and YOUR MONEY Travel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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25 years of sales and account management. NOW, the next 25 years of FUN, FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT!

I never gave traveling or owning my own business / life much thought until a 1 1/2 years ago when I was introduced to a new concept that involved travel. About 4 months after that I was down sized from the company I was working for and had to make a decision... do I find another job that I am only doing for the money, working to build somebody else's fortune, hating Sunday nights, that call in the afternoon... hey can you come into the office for a meeting or do I take a chance and try something i have never done before and start my own business / life. With help and encouragement from my wife, I choose the path of self employment. My company, YOUR MONEY Merchant Processing, focuses on helping small to medium size businesses save money on their credit card processing fees. My Travel business Your Money Travel business also falls under YOUR MONEY. Both of these businesses involve personal development, leadership and encourage people to travel the world creating peak life experiences while producing the income on a part time basis to support the traveling. Email me if you want to learn how to have more FUN, FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT in your life.



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    • University of Northern Iowa