Kate Dunham

I'm Kate.

I hate talking about myself, but I'll try my best.

I'm seventeen. I live in Oklahoma.

I love neutral colors, and I love bright colors. I love very small things. I love English. I love pizza Pringles. I love to draw. I love hot chocolate with extra vanilla. I love community theater productions. I love wishing on dandelions. I love bows. I love wearing hair ribbons when it's windy. I love people who smile. I love tattoos. I love the word lovely. I love the word prestidigitation. I love the way the air smells after it's rained. I massively love the state fair.

I want to live in Seattle and be a writer when I grow up. I want to go to the University of Washington and major in English/Creative Writing and be a high school teacher.

I don't like pre-calculus. I don't like annoying people. I don't like living in Oklahoma. I don't like the word hate. I don't like my self esteem. I don't like my