Kori Kanayama

Redlands, CA

I'm the Principal Consultant of the independent capacity building consulting firm Kaoru Kanayama Consulting, whose mission is guiding the transformation of organizations improving communities. I support nonprofit and public institution effectiveness by orienting clients towards continuous improvement and learning, and towards organizational sustainability, working from clients' assets and strengths. I seek out and use evidence-based capacity building methodologies and tools that work in the harsh realities of the post-Great Recession environment.

I can put to work for you 10 years of management consulting experience, built upon a career dedicated to supporting low-income communities, including 7 years in community development and affordable housing finance, and 4 years as a program planner for services for the homeless. I earned an M.A. in Urban Planning from UCLA, and a B.A. in Geography from Macalester College. My primary joys are my daughter and son, and sharing my life with a kind and brilliant husband who's also dedicated to a social mission. I swim for fun, and achieving constant improvement in swimming keeps me going even when things get a little tough.