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Anyone suspected perpetrator of an accident or it can cause with. This may also be a victim or a pedestrian. Alcohol tests cannot be asked to passengers,

someone in the car is sleeping or pedestrians. Can you refuse a breath test?
Refuses to do a breath test, you will be as ( P ) considered positive and you will for six hours driving ban. A medical certificate that example you have http://www.healthreviewscam.com/

asthma, is not sufficient to refuse the test. If you are involved in an accident and refuse the breath test, you risk a more severe penalty and possible

imposition an alcohol interlock.
Breathalyzer When you have to blow into a device that measures the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air. The result of the breath analysis is

displayed on the screen of the device. The device also prints a ticket, which is the result and you will receive a copy thereof.
For a breathalyzer you get a 15-minute waiting period (unless you have first done no breath test). • Less than 0.22 mg / l exhaled air: you may continue.
• 0.22 or more but less than 0.35 : - you have yo ur issue licenses for 3 hours and your car leaving in place (or a sober passenger to ride). - You get a fine http://www.healthreviewscam.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/

of 150 € which can be collected (not just when you got ready to ride) immediately. - the court may impose a fine and revoke your license. - in an accident or

recidivism, the court may also impose a prison sentence.