Kristen Kraus

As a writer, I am a GPS. Like a GPS, I program in an address or my destination. In my writing, I am thinking about my audience, my purpose of the writing, and where I am headed.

Like a GPS, after I set the destination, I choose a route when presented with a few choices. In my writing, I am outlining and organizing my ideas before I begin to write.

Like a GPS, I hit "Go" and begin to move forward once my route is chosen. In my writing, my ideas begin to unfold on screen or paper.

Like a GPS, I stop at rest-stops to fill-up on necessities like gas and coffee, or I may even get lost. So like a GPS, I am rerouting or backtracking to get back on my way. In my writing, I am going back and looking over my "map" and I am deleting, adding, moving, editing and revising.

Lastly, like a GPS, I have reached my destination and I check my arrival time. In my writing, I have a finished, published piece and I reflect on the "trip" I took to get there.


Background image by: Xurbie