Klára Berg

Trainer and Facilitator in Another world is possible

Klára Berg

Trainer and Facilitator in Another world is possible

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✪ I have been a freelance TRAINER AND FACILITATOR for more than 10 years. I support mainly young people, but also adults who strive for a just and sustainable world.

✪ My work is based on participatory methods, a friendly atmosphere and mutual support among participants. I work with principles and methods of NON-FORMAL EDUCATION. Even during ONLINE events.

✪ I support participants in political and civic engagement. Together we are searching for solutions to current problems. I emphasize the need for collective action and systemic solutions.

✪ I am not afraid to address politics and burning social issues. At the same time, I create a critical, reflective and respectful learning environment. In this way my participants learn about topics such as climate change and social inequalities.

✪ I am a member of the POOL OF TRAINERS of the Czech National Agency which administers the Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes in the Czech Republic. As a MEMBER OF THE BOARD of directors of the Green European Foundation, I am responsible for educational programs and as a facilitator I work with other political foundations and civil society actors.

✪ At university, I founded the educational organization Be International.

✪ I am actively involved in public life in Vsetín, the town where I am currently living.

✪ ♥ My heart beats for young people who are interested in politics.

  • Education
    • Political Science at Masaryk University, Brno