Kitty la Royall

Burlesque Dancer, Producer, and Teacher in Chicago, Illinois

What happens when you combine Catwoman with Queen Elizabeth II and add dashes of Elle Woods and Ginger Spice? You get Kitty la Royall - the most regal of felines with a love for pink, glitter, and feminism. She'll tease you, please you, taunt you, and haunt you. You'll enjoy every moment.

Kitty la Royall is a Chicago-based burlesque performer, teacher, producer. She co-produced Undressed Burlesque at Simone's Bar in Pilsen and Smudged Lipstick Revue - a show that brought performers new and old to the stage to build the community and encourage everybody's unique art. Kitty is available for private lessons (in-person and virtual) and does basic audio and video editing. Click the "Hire me" button above to inquire about pricing.


*taking a teaching hiatus for the first part of 2019*


January 2nd - Risque Review at Rogers Park Social Bar at 9pm (free, bring tipping money)

January 8th - Clipper Cabaret: New Year, New Werk at 9pm ($10 cover)

February 12th - Parlor Tricks at Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar at 9pm (free, make a reservation in advance, bring tipping money)