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"I believe all children were born artists. The problem is remaining an artist as you get older" - Picasso

Klass Jones Junior is an Independent Hip-Hop Artist stuck in a Marketing Guy’s body. He is obsessed by the idea that thoughts can be brought into reality and influence people. That a single idea can revolutionize a culture. His desire is to keep his finger on the tipping point as trends develop. It’s a sum of these things that spark him to write.

His work can be described as “thought provoking” in the concepts, approach, lyrics, delivery, and in the production. With a touch of sarcasm Klass delivers his passion, feelings and concept through complex simplicity.

In his own words, “I’m looking to push Hip-Hop forward and to be progressive. I fight complacency, conformity, and my mission is to celebrate every one’s God-Given uniqueness. My music is created to motivate and inspire others to deal with themselves first, and then the environment around them. My music is different, thought provoking, fun, and I hope you. Enjoy it.”

Thanks for reading.. I'm not stuck up most days. :) Email me @ KlassJonesJunior@gmail.com.

Be Genius.

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