Klaus Rachman

893 Tampines Avenue 8, Singapore

Amateur photographer | A story teller

I'm unpredictable; being a nice guy within hours and becoming so cruel within seconds. I love cycling through blocks while listening to my favorite songs on my iPod. I'm usually seen walking with headphone hanging on my neck, blowing bubblegum, wearing simple T-shirt, short jeans, and skate shoes. I may seem unapproachable, annoying, and apathetic at the first sight but I promise you I'll try to be friendly once you're friend with me, despite of my bad-temper. I'm quite selective in choosing whom I want to be friend with, and actually I'm not really into making friend. But trust me, I'll respect people who want to be my friend and treat me nicely. I will not bite, but I will roar when harassed or frustrated. Do not mess with me because I always bring my wordgun anywhere. Promise me to be a good friend and your secrets are safe with me. I often become a victim of circumstances and perhaps, that's what makes me quite defensive and introverted.

I am Indonesian of Chinese descendant. I reside in Parahyangan region. I speak in Singaporean English, as well as Indonesian, basic Korean, and colloquial Sundanese. Piano and violin are my bestfriends. No one can do us apart. I send letter to Santa Claus every year and I get a present on the following Christmas morning. For sake of God, I swear I love chocolate. I hate lightning and thunderbolt. I love cruising and vacationing. I sometimes fight with my big bro, Rey, and yell at my big sis, Sica, but still they're apples of my eyes. Sica loves shopping and I'd hate to wait for her browsing for wedges and such things from one shopping outlet to another. Rey is kind of busy person but he has good jokes to laugh. And guess what, three of us loves spending sunny afternoon at Starbucks and enjoying frappucino and holiday magazines.

Need to know more about me? Just catch me 'round!

And remember to not mess with me. I am extremely, yet invisibly lethal :)

  • Education
    • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia - English Literature '11
    • Asih Putera Secondary High