Klaus Reitberger


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As astro particle physicist I focus on observing and modelling the gamma-ray emission of Galactic high mass binary systems with powerful colliding winds while workingat the University of Innsbruck and the Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble


Be it as actor, director or playwright, I had the great pleasure to take part in many theatre projects - in my home town Kufstein and elsewhere. In course of many years I directed plays by famous authors as Brecht, Beckett, Wilde, Sartre, Rostand and, of course, Shakespeare.


I constantly strive to make people aware of the charms of science and the beauty hidden in the universe that surrounds us (without taking refuge in any metaphysical delusions). There must be time in a scientist's life to convey science to his fellow human beings. Therefore, I try to write and direct certain theatrical events which are a) entertaining and b) promote a scientific world view and c) open the audience's eyes for the magic of reality. This concept is realized in some of my recent projects: "Cosmic rays - the life of Victor F. Hess", "When the world ends ..."., and the musical "Lucy & Glibsch".

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