Kate Gillingham

My name is Katie, Kate, Oi, Mush, Gilly, Gilly or Dave. To be perfectly honest though, if you definitely want me to answer you, Katie or Kate are your best two options.

I'm a nineteen year old student of BA English at Bournemouth University. I'm actually from Dorset which is handy because when I tried to commence my academic career in Swansea last year, I discovered an unfortunate allergy to the absence of my mum's cooking.

I achieved a 2:1 in my first year there; I am highly thankful for the experiece as not only do I get to be a "fresher" twice, I am now studying at an institution offering a course which acknowledges the effect the written word has on society, and the importance of the classics in a modern context.

My two passions in life are interchangeably writing and reading. I know everyone says it, but I loved words from such a young age that using them, and striving to use them better just seems to be a natural extension of my personality.

Whilst studying at Swansea, I was chosen out of eighty other students to take part in a blogging project to promote the university. I enjoyed doing this, although it was poorly organised and in the end fell through. It was a great experience for practice writing for a specific audience rather than just ranting about bus drivers and the price of train tickets on my personal blog.

And now, before I send everyone to sleep:

My favourite food is marmite on toast

I have a dog called Digby

My favourite books are The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly

I have had a massive crush on Olly Murs since his very first X Factor audition

I am enthusiastic about everything.

The fish and chip shop at Poole Bus station, and my friend Kim's mum Val make the best cups of tea known to man.

I need to practice writing 'about me' gubbins.