Klodia Vanloo


Ex-Columnist for the Elle Belgium blog and co-founder of the "Brussels is burning" webzine. Co-organizer of the "Crazy Pump" parties, art director of the "Kaboom Bang Bang" parties, she was also one of the creative minds behind the digital PR & Art Direction for the New Look (UK) blog and event organiser & promoter for fashion brands. Solid family background : her grandfather was the producer of the disco tune "Born to be alive" and the first one ever to sign Madonna. Her mother created the "At the villa" club, which ruled the Belgian nightlife during the 90's. A born clubber, Little Klodia quickly left the sandbox to play around in her mother's club. Parties, music and showbiz were in her blood ever since. Model for Dominique Models, muse, media columnist, trends catalyst, Klodia has become THE alternative mascot of Brussels.