Nick Klossner

Chile, Temuco

i was a creative kid since i was younger and i tried to cope with drawing, i was a really quiet kid, but a lot of thikngs that happened in my life just made me stronger and even more creative.

ive always liked videogames and cartoons, and those were my inspiration, i loved them!

recently ive been focusing in animation, creating videogames and music and doodling cartoons, im also taking comissions.

i like to talk to people who enjoy cartoons, videogames and such. i find childish people to be more entretaining, and i dont like the usual.

hopefully ill get some advice from professionals in this place and this is why i decided to make an account here!

i'm always available so if you want to contact me send me an e-mail at [email protected] or add me at skype which is kooess.

i like making pen-pals, ive learnt a lot of languages thanks to art, im trying to enjoy life because i strongly believe things will get better.

im also currently working on a few projects, to be specific a webcomic and finding out a way to move to england next year. as i said before, id love to get advice from animators, cartoonists, and others that enjoy drawing.

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    • High School Student