Kiran Patil

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Teacher in Vadodara, India

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Kiran has spent nearly a decade crafting quality solutions for end users. Initial couple of years he spent on pure .NET platform and rest of the years in developing Sitecore based Enterprise level solutions for few of the Fortune 100 clients. He is Sitecore and Microsoft certified.

He could earn Sitecore MVP award since last 5 years. He got first Sitecore MVP award when there were fewer than 100 Sitecore MVPs throughout the world and he is the First Sitecore MVP from India. The country which has 1.25 billion people!

He loves to teach programming. For couple of years, He taught .NET to final year university students. But now, as he is busy. He quenches his teaching thirst via blogging, mentoring/coaching and sharing his knowledge as a guest lecturer.

His passion is to simplify human lives using technology and luckily, that’s what is his profession as well! His mantra is “Stick to basics!”

In his free time, He loves to learn new technology, blog, read, travel and explore the nature. So, he is recharged for busy time!