k Madison Moore

Mount Pocono Pennsylvania

"My vision is not to copy The Masters
but is a Homage to them for My Inspirations"

Each of my works is incredibly elemental. Using sensuous, romantic colors that convey a rich passion that is compelling. Collectively, my contemporary works are vivid, expressionist paintings that communicate profound feelings to the viewer.

My diversity has enabled me to survive as an artist for over a half century. Most artists stay with a style that reflects their inner personality. I believe that an artist should be like an actor who plays many roles and who subjugates themselves to the role at hand, letting it tell them how to play it. A chinese artist once said, " to paint a flower you must "be" a flower, to paint a tiger, you must be a tiger." Madison

Trained by four Mentors in Fine Art, Commercial Art, Art Restoration and a formal education, Madison has been a Fine Art Restoration Artist and Appraiser, and Contemporary Fine Artist for over 40 years. Some of Madison's restorations include Picasso, Kandinski, Kinkade and Neiman to name a few.

Madison works in many Series but her passion is "Painting with The Masters.
She has several Segments in The Masters Series: The Art Museum Collection Series, Connoisseur Wine Masters Series and her current Art within Art Series and more to come.

Her Art within Series includes Madison's impression of The Masters in with innovative interiors and highly detailed oil paintings. Each painting has it's own story based on The Masters, Madison's imagination and inspirations from them.

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