Kayla Mamelak

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

When I was twelve years old I wanted to be Oprah. My classmates aspired to dress and act like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, while I walked around trying to speak in a deeper voice, and wearing a fake string of pearls. I admired the work Oprah did, and thought of myself as far more mature than my classmates because I understood the Oprah show. Teachers and parents thought it was funny and charming how passionate I was about becoming the next best talk show host, but I was not kidding around. Ever since I was twelve years old I have had a passion for reporting to a certain degree, and I continue to pursue that dream until today.

I was born and raised in Calabasas, California, with two siblings and three step siblings. Growing up with six kids running around was hectic for our parents, but a great time for us. I attended jewish school my entire life, and entered high school continuously wishing to someday be just like Oprah. In eleventh grade, I began to watch the news more rigorously. I wanted to learn more about the political world, and I applied to work for Dianne Feinstein, Senator of California. I was granted the internship, making me the first high school intern to ever work for a senator in California. I dove into the internship, and found a complete love for politics, and just plain making a difference. Today, I pursue Broadcast Journalism because I have found it is the perfect balance between the Oprah show and making a dent in the political world.


  • Work
    • SCATV
  • Education
    • Boston University