Khadijah M. Britton, Esq.

New York, NY

Lived: Cambridge, Oakland, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Boston and Brooklyn.

Done: Made movies. Wrote stories. Edited magazines. Organized workers, doctors, patients, parents and students. Studied languages, education, theology and law. Received JD from Boston University. Founded BetterBio. Developed MadSciMag. Tweeted. Passed the New York Bar Exam.

In Progress: Writing about science and technology on BeaconReader and LadyBits. Writing about the law for Law360. Preparing for the 2015 Year of Science with COPUS. Pivoting BetterBio to work on ending the school-to-prison pipeline.

To Do: Reconnect with all of my friends in New York. Organize against police brutality. Cook at home more. Write. A lot. Looking for freelance writers about science and social justice? Here's my profile on Contently. In search of a compelling speaker? Here I am, presenting at Jeff Pulver's 140 Conference. Please do not hesitate to message me with opportunities.

  • Work
    • Writer and Editor
  • Education
    • JD
    • BA