Ken MacReady

Somewhere in the hinterlands of Morocco!

Headline 2: I may be nuts, but I ain't in no ruts.

Preface: The following makes no sense at all. Read at your own risk.

Admittedly, I have a caustic personality. I can't figure out why because I'm overbearing. Perhaps my interpersonal skills are poor due to my upbringing. You see, I was born in the Big Apple which is overpopulated. My Daddy was a Rolling Stone. He laid his hat (down) wherever he roam (and that ain't right!). I was born in the bad part of town in NYC. Raised as a sharecropper's son in Queens, New York. I was impovished and undernourished as a child (and that ain't right!). I decided to edimicate myself. But a few obstancles in life got in the way. For example,

During 'Nam I tried to take it on the lam, but wasn't nervous when the judge forced me to join the service. I realized then that KP duty sucks. Hard labor ain't my schtick! I watched, the movie entitled, The Great Escape. I took the cue from McQueen and made it back East. Wall Street was a defeat. I decided Tennessee was the place for me. I took my kinfolk and headed West--also at my Priests' and Parole Officer's behest! I hit the dusty trail and went West.

I tried my hand at Silver Mining, in Deadwood, South Dakota. I opened up a hardware store in downtown Deadwood. It wasn't the best hood! But, then the bottom fell out of the mining town. My money, got funny! I went back home-- that is the East. I then spent time in the Bowery. The Lions Hotels at .25 cent a night wasn't for me. Hobo'ed to Cheyenne, and ran into Two Gun Pistol Pete. He took me under his wing, and because of that, I ended up in Sing Sing! With two dollars in my pocket I tried my hand at the Lottery. No kiddin' I won. But now the Sheriff is after me so I'm on the run. I hope you enjoyed this fun. But, I'm still a bum!

Peace, out!

  • Work
    • Soda Jerk and Chicken Plucker and a Real Mother...
  • Education
    • BS,then MS, the Ph.D in field artillery!