K Michael Russell

Consultant, Artist, and Teacher in Long Beach, Mississippi

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I'm a comic book colorist and Photoshop coloring instructor. I've been coloring comics professionally since 2011. I've worked on books like Hack/Slash for Image Comics, Judge Dredd for IDW/2000AD, and a plethora of other indie and small press books. A complete list of credits is available here.

I've also developed a comprehensive comic book coloring course that launched in May of 2014 at



The course includes over 50 real-time Photoshop digital coloring tutorials in ten hours of HD video lessons. It also includes all of my brushes and Photoshop tool presets.

Over 1800 students in 70 countries have enrolled in my courses as of this writing (09/2016).

Find me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kmr

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