Kyriakos Mitsotakis

I was born in Athens in March 1968. I studied social sciences at Harvard, international relations at Stanford and was awarded an MBA from Harvard Business School. Before entering politics, I worked in the private sector for a decade in Greece and abroad: In London, as a financial analyst with Chase Investment Bank and as a consultant with McKinsey and Company. I returned to Greece in 1997 and I worked as a senior investment officer at Alpha Ventures of Alpha Bank before becoming CEO of NBG Venture Capital at the National Bank of Greece.

I have been elected to the Greek Parliament five consecutive times since entering politics in 2004, with New Democracy in the Athens B constituency. Between 2007 and 2009, I served as the Chairman of the Parliament’s Environment Committee and until the June 2012 elections, I was the shadow minister for the environment and climate change for New Democracy.

I was appointed Minister of Administrative Reform and e-Government in June 2013 and served in this position until January 2015. During this time, I pursued comprehensive national reforms by implementing a functional reorganization of institutions, structures and processes. Since February 2015, I have been New Democracy’s first-in-order Parliamentary Representative.

I have consistently supported the need to bring much needed change to the Greek political system throughout my political career. I believe that the legal status regarding the criminal liability of Ministers must be revised, that the number of MP’s must be reduced from 300 to 200, that large constituencies like Athens B that I represent must be fragmented, that MP benefits such as pensions, committee benefits and automobiles must be suspended, and that MP’s must by law be obliged to make their finances public annually.

I have also steadfastly supported the drastic downsizing of the Public Sector and the structural reform of the tax administration. I am an ardent defender of a small and efficient state, education reform, the fight against red-tape and monopolistic practices that impede development, and the fight against partisanship and cronyism in government.

For more information on my positions and my work, please visit my website and follow me on social media.

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