Ken Muchiri

Hi Im Ken. I am 37, a husband and father of three. I trained as an accountant and have practiced accounting for 12 years in various corporate organisations in Kenya, my home country.

Overtime this time I have developed skills in financial reporting, planning and budgeting, bookkeeping and taxation, strategy formulation and cash flow management. My experience has also exposed me to the design of the financial component of operational and accounting software solutions.

One of my greatest passions is in adult training - specifically financial training. I have conducted previous corporate trainings for groups on personal finance, and finance for non-finance managers. I make use of my knowledge in finance to simplify and demystify financial statements for persons that do not have a finance background.

I am curently the lead consultant at Pine Bridge Consulting, a management consultancy firm specialising in tax advisory, outsourced bookkeeping and financial training services. I am also the chairman of a group of men falling under the banner of Ram Links. The group was founded on the pillars of faith, family and finance and has formed a company that seeks to invest in schools in Kenya.

My wife, three kids and I currently reside in Nairobi , Kenya.