K MÜncal

Nueva Ecija

Born on the 6th of December year 1996. I'm now @ my 16 years of existence. Sometimes shy yet loud, just simple yet gorgeous. I describe myself as an extraordinary & awesome plus creatively insane.
I'm perfectly imperfect so don't expect too much from me, because I don't like to dissapoint somebody. I'm me, and nobody can change that.
I'm weird, sarcastic, crazy, uptight, stupid, ridiculous, funny sometimes, and that's fine. I love being myself, someday someone will find my uniqueness attractive & I'm thankful to God for what I am.

I'm a happy person behind my many hindrances in life. But
I know life goes on. Just face the reality with a big smile, God is always at my side guiding me.

I'm just a simple one that have many dreams in her life.
Plans, wanna be's, ambitions.
All I want is to become a successful person in my chosen career.

I am now studying in the greatest Central Luzon State University as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology major
Aspiring Doctor in the making ;))

  • Education
    • Studying AB Psychology at CLSU