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Kneeandshoulder is a best Orthopedic Hospital in Bangalore for knee, sports injuries, hip pain, arthritis treatment and Shoulder Arthroscopy.

Dr.Nataraj H M is one of the leading Orthopedic doctors in Bangalore with rich 11 years experience in Orthopaedics. He is one of the pioneers in clinical stem cell therapy in the field of orthopaedics in India. He is working on an application of umbilical cord stem cells for the cure of arthritis and various other orthopaedic diseases which might change the future of orthopaedics in the world. Apart from stem cell therapy, he is a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon in the state who is super specialized in the field trauma(fractures, ligament injuries), Arthroscopykeyholee surgeries), Joint replacement(Computer-assisted) and Sports medicine.