Skylar Shackelford

Richardson, Texas

I am a student of the University of Texas at Dallas planning to major in Arts and Technology and Computer Engineering and go into the gaming and animation field of entertainment.

My blog is meant to get me thinking a well as other people, what can I add to this world? What aspects of this can I change? What can I do to make this idea stand out? I hope that I eventually attract like-minded people as followers to interact with and expand our ideas out of the box with, formulating topics, theorizing, as well as breaking down an idea and giving it a solid base before building it back to be used to its full potential.

It’s hard enough in this world to come up with an idea that is ‘original’, actually nothing is really original in the first place. Every idea we see now is based off of something and expanded upon, given additional features, while interpreting it in your way to give it a unique feel. As an artist with a dream of going into a field that needs that sort of practice, it is always important to have that imagination, and training you mind and hands to be able to output said concept.

I value intelligence, I love math, science, and history when I’m allowed to learn it on my own and apply my knowledge to my imagination. Because as Einstein says “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

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