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31. INxP-T. Ravenpuff.

MULTIFANDOM; mainly Hannibal, SPN, Marble Hornets, Gravity Falls, Black Sails, IT, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, THE EXORCIST, Dirk Gently, True Detective, Z Nation, DBH, Good Omens, and everything Stirth related.

ATM: Good Omens, True Detective, Hannibal

OTPs: HartCohle. IneffableHusbands. MurphK. Hannigram. Preller. Destiel. Jam. Victuri. Johnlock. Bipper. HankCon, Reed900, Simarkus. All things Stirth.

Stirth/Firth: Merlahad, Haydeaux, Arsenal boys, Vinny

Original Stirth rarepairs: SingleMoon, Archrian, Found&Welcome, RegencyHusbands, EarnestLiars, ImitationCountry, LoMenzies, LordShip, Seoffrey, StarMont, GuernElius, Deanell, Jamar, StarkHurst, AverAsch, Harrian, War Family OT3

Death to normalcy!