Owais Deep

Student, Chef, and Teacher in Graz, Austria

My name is Owais Deep, a young English teacher and cook. I studied English Language and Literature for three years at Damascus University and worked a year in my family's restaurant as a cook and baker then I had to leave due to the ongoing war and had to take up again an undergraduate program of English Language and Literature at the Art and Science University of Lebanon. I attended many workshops on how to improve teaching methods in classrooms and trained under the supervision of English teachers in Lebanon in different schools. Unfortunately I could not stay in Lebanon till I graduate and had to travel to Austria. There I started a new bachelor degree namely English and American studies alongside with a recognized language diploma of the German language program. I am a funny, articulate, and solution-oriented character. I love reading, cooking, and playing guitar.

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    • Damascus University English Literature
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    • Al-Baath University