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My name is William Knighton. I was born 1974, and raised in Detroit Mi. I grew up rough for the most part, but developed an attitude of gratitude throughout my failures and triumphs. I have always been a hard worker, and that stands the same to this very day. I pretty much worked in factories, and in the labor market for the majority of my life. I've known about Online Marketing for quite some time, but never took the time to see what it was all about until recently. Let's just say,"I sure wish I would've started a lot sooner!"

I am currently promoting a business called FeederMatrix.

Why "Feeder Matrix"?

The "Feeder Matrix" BRILLIANT Pay Plan
pays you up to $100000 starting once you joined us!

Feeder system...
Has a smaller entry level commitment.
Is great for newbies who want to test the waters.
Helps keep downline members in play until they are ready for the upper level programs.
Forced Matrix...

Each affiliate has a limited number of people in his direct downline.
Spillover and Spillunder help everyone grow their business faster.

FeederMatrix was my start to breaking in to the online money making world, and boy am I glad I did. So many doors have been open for me, it's like a miracle from GOD. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge, as well as venture off to other businesses, which are just as profitable. I love connecting with like minded individuals to learn, as well as share.

I understand that a lot of people don't no a thing about online marketing, but this makes it so easy you will learn in no time, and what ever you don't know I will show you personally, along with the help of my team ! You sign up as a level 0 free up to three days, then the system automaticly kicks you out if you haven't upgraded for $1.75. You don't have to wonder what you can do to make some extra cash; give FeederMatrix a go, and watch your income grow! Your bank account will thank you!!!

If you want to know more, you can contact me anytime, or just go ahead and click the link below (which explains alot), and see how easy it truly is. My back office will inform of your sign up. I look forward to assisting you in becoming a part of our great team! God Bless, and much success!


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