Manfred Knight

Transmission Builder in Washington

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Born an army brat of a German mother and an American serviceman father, I lived in Europe for a time in the seventies. I now reside in Washington State, USA, with my two cats, Baby and Sweetie.

I spent nearly 10 years working on a 600 page novel. However, over the years, I watched too many great writers fail to get the deserved attention for their work, with some even spending thousands of their own money, only to sell one or two books. Finally, when I read somewhere that there are more people writing novels these days than reading them and that the chances of an unknown ever getting his or her book published by a legitimate publisher are almost nil, I realized it was a new day and age, and I subsequently abandoned all efforts of bringing my work to print. Of course, I will continue to write, here and there, even if I have only an audience of one. Naturally, a small number of writers will make it big and I wish them all the luck in the world.

One of my hobbies is digital/fantasy art. My background is an example of what I do.

  • Work
    • Transmission Builder
  • Education
    • FSCC Steilacoom, WA
    • Frankfurt American High School '71