Joslin K

South Carolina, United States

I appreciate all life around me and feel I'm a better person for it. If mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery, then I believe creativity is just mimicking our natural universe, albeit from a uniquely creative perspective. Even when humans create something never seen before, it's still simply made/modified from elements already created and available to us then presented in a new way. Even our unique perspective is taking the biological brain, adding environmental influence and our perceived reality to understand something previously unrealized. Creativity, in all its forms, is a celebration of Life, Earth, Universe, and all the bounty laid out before us.

I prefer to spend my time enjoying life and creating whatever strikes me. When I'm outdoors, my time is with the land, the animals, gardening, land-wood-stone-scaping and such. Indoors, I usually spend time crafting or baking when I'm not tending to (or being tended by) my wonderful hubby and four-legged fur kids.