"Im NOTHING like a big deal..." i fall more into the 'starvin artist trying my hardest' category. As an artist, i can respect ALL art...however, i believe some "art" belongs in a museum & some "art" belongs on your refrigerator(im supporting #museum music). I consider myself a musician, the microphone is just my instrument of choice. I've been blessed with a platform & opportunity to spread a message...I refuse to let that be a negative message. "I wanna make DOLLARS - but not as much as i wanna make CHANGE"! I do a lot of volunteer work in my free time including helping out at the SF Food Bank & work with the "All Stars Project", a group that organizes talent shows, as well as internships & back to school programs for inner-city youths. I believe in believing in what you believe in(if that makes sense).Im a hippie at heart...soIm promoting Peace & Love...ALWAYS!!!