Brianna Heather

My name is Brianna Marie Heather. I'm 16 years of age. Seems young, right? Like Phineas off of Phineas and Ferb, I'm going to say, "Yes, yes I am!" But I believe you can be any age to have the mind to be creative. Fashion, is a way to express myself, even since I was young. It was an escape of all reality in which I had no interest in. I grew up watching Project Runaway in which I became infuated with how every person but all their dedication into the creations they made. Now at a young I wanted to be a fashion designer, I got a sewing machine and mannequin for Christmas one year. I tried my hardest to get the hang of sewing but i couldn't get it, and later became upset and give up all hope that I could be a fashion designer, until I came along Polyvore. I can express my fashionistic mind, without having to worry about having to learn how to sew and etc. When I saw this contest about Heidi Klum, I knew instantly that I had to enter because I want to show her the talent that I behold and also wish to share it with the world also, I don't want to be that average teen, wishing and dreaming. I want to be that teen living those dreams!