Knotty Rope

I am a BESAdmin and avid forum member.

I do it all. Servers, PCs, Network, Firewalls, VOIP, Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server aka BES and more.

98% is all dell, DUDE!

What do we have

10 servers File, Print, DC, ISA, SQL, BES, WEB, Spam, UK, Canada

3 Firewalls
120 Laptops
100 Desktops
2 VPNS to other countries
Managed switches

KDX 220, VMAX, John deere 430 LG tractor, BEER, movies, friends,
and most anything BlackBerry related.

I am rocking the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ bridged to BlackBerry® Torch™ Smartphone with BlackBerry®
Wireless Headset HS-700