Knowledge for LIFE

Dayton, Ohio

Knowledge for LIFE (Know4LIFE & K4L) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, that seeks brings relevant news, information and life enhancing programs to Black communities via multimedia.

We are in the workds to relaunch our independent Black oriented radio station called Insight Radio later this year (2014).

We also produce documenaries that can be seen on Know4LIFE's Youtube & Vimeo Channel. Visit our Blog site: HereAfter Report, where we post links to news articles that impact the Black community.

Knowledge for LIFE has a youth component called: Youth Expo Show aka YES Media.

We also video record events relevent to the Black community for other businesses and organizations. If you would like us to record your conference, forum or event call contact Knowledge for LIFE via e-mail: or call us at: 937-985-0779.

Make a tax deductable donation to Know4LIFE through our secure PayPal Acct. HERE.

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