Alejandro Mora

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro was a kid interested in sports, learning about photography and watching movies.

After graduating from high school, he started studying engineering in Venezuela, and later graduated with honors and top of his class as a Mechanical Engineer at Florida International University in Miami. While at the university, he realized his true calling was in film, and having always been fascinated by this medium he decided he was going to make the jump.

But first, Alejandro moved to Kansas City to get work and life experiences while working as an engineer at a General Motors auto assembly plant. He excelled there and was granted a promotion within six months of starting. After about a year and a half he was happy with what he had achieved but had had enough. This is when he decided to finally move to Los Angeles to pursue his life's dream, leaving behind a safe job, a guaranteed salary and risk it all to go study film at the New York Film Academy in Universal Studios from which he earned a Master in Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking.

In mid 2009, Alejandro wrapped a big budget feature film shot in Venezuela were he participated as a 2nd Assistant Director (AD). The film, La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour), will be released in October 2010.

After this feature experience, Alejandro found his true calling in the film industry as an Assistant Director. A position that blends his passion for films and his engineering and logistics abilities.

Alejandro continued to work in Venezuela as a 1st & 2nd AD in several commercials and short films. After those projects, he worked as a 2nd AD in another Venezuelan feature that wrapped production in March 2010. A period piece set in 1820 during Venezuela’s battle for independence, titled Memorias de un Soldado (Memoirs of a Soldier).

Finally back in Los Angeles, Alejandro is making his way to becoming an AD in the entertainment capital of the world. He has been working as an assistant director in non-union productions as well as a set production assistant (PA) in several union shows and pilots. The summer of 2011 has been great for Alejandro, first he landed a job as a 1st AD in a feature film in Venezuela called Secreto De Confesión (Secret of Confession), a great police thriller; and then he got accepted into the DGA Assistant Directors Training Program where he will be trained to be an AD in the DGA. All of it, a dream come true.