Joris Claeys

Change Cultivator, Capacity Builder, and entrepreneur & intrapreneur coaching in Antwerp, Belgium

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Change Cultivator - Capacity Builder | promoting 5P's of sustainable thrivability | Econologics Coaching OD-WST-AI-TEAL

@knowledgEnabler - @econologics
@ARTconnectsLIFE - @ARTpreneurs

Think, act and lead WITHOUT the box!
Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions

Entrepreneurs & incubation coaching for the creativity sector (ecoNOVATE)

Intrapreneurs coaching & branding/strategy for corporations (CAPix)

Port, Marina & Waterfront Infrastructure Development (PORTexpertise)

Arts, design, creativity & gastronomy (ARTconnectsLIFE)

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ecoNVERGE – inspire • balance • harmony

CAPix - ViVaTicA - ecoNOVATE - ARTconnectsLIFE - ARTronomy

PORT[expertise] – port, marina & waterfront infrastructure development

eco.AHCIL– healthy vegetables, fruits & grains

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Water defines the flow of life!

At first sight there is little you can do about that flow, but the closer you get and understand that you are part of that flow in nature, you realize that you have life in your hands and carry responsibility for self and others.

How wide you want to explore, is up to each of us and their capacities, capabilities and comfort zone.

Thriving in the flow of Life!
Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!
Change cultivator at macro & micro level facilitating transformation through the Transition Narrative towards Society3.0
We change the way we LIVE!
We change the way of LIFE!

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Joris is active in the knowledge economy, with focus on Organizational Development, Whole Systems Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Renewables & Environment - for organizations, teams, communities & industries.

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@econologics – sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life!
Dialogue around the mix of new socio-economic models & solutions, advanced technologies & balanced lifestyle.
An econological approach to life, environment & humanity!
Learn from the changing world and share your change to the macro!
Learn how you can participate your contributive change at the micro!

@ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity
Discover what the creativity sectors bring to the stage.
An initiative by ARTconnectsLIFE –art connects people, creativity connects life

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