Knowles Training Institute

Corporate training in Singapore

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Knowles Training Institute is a top training company based in Singapore. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients in Singapore and around the world. Knowles Training Institute goes beyond the call of duty to exceed all of our client’s expectations. Knowles Training Institute is also able to design a comprehensive training programme that can incorporate both e-learning and traditional course based facilitation. We use a custom training Learning Management System that will enable us to facilitate competence assessment, role-mapping and facilitation.

At Knowles Training Institute, our corporate training provides a wide range of well-designed courses specifically catered for corporate organisations with a variety of training needs. We equip businesses with a process of specific skills that empowers even the most traditional employer with the ability to develop new, innovative solutions to solve real-world problems.

Knowles Training learning strategy is founded on winning with our participants, ultimately helping them to develop and grow to become the best versions of themselves through training courses. The best part is, everyone in Singapore and around the world has access to these learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere through our online learning portals in Singapore.