Alexandre Streicher

Ithaca, NY

Alexandre is currently a senior undergraduate student and research assistant at Cornell University studying theoretical physics. He was born in Maryland, but grew up in Fairfax County, VA. In his senior year of high school at Thomas Jefferson, he worked along Dr. Thomas Huff at George Mason University studying atrazine in the local environment.

Initially a premed in the College of Engineering, he had a breadth of course options and was overwhelmed. By wandering on the 5th floor of the mathematics building he found a professor who recommended a theoretical honors course rarely taken by engineers. In addition, on his first day in the dorms, he introduced himself to every student in "Balls Hall", the only all-male dorm hall on campus, and was recommended to a physics course. He quickly found himself enchanted and transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences. The field of theoretical physics then became his main interest as it combined the aspects of physics and math he enjoyed. As a result, he took the graduate student general relativity courses in his junior year.

In his free time, he enjoys procrastinating by reading manga, eating good food, and playing rpgs. Due to such a sedentary lifestyle, he has struggled with obesity his whole life; but after years of plateuing, he has managed to lose 85 lbs since starting college through caloric restriction and exercise.

He will shoot himself in the foot by always saying what he thinks. Thus, he often worries that his numerous questions trouble his professors. His proneness to distraction and obsession has led him to building three computers, modifying a laptop, and creating an automated home media system.

  • Work
    • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Education
    • Cornell University