Dam Tuan Khoi

Game Developer, AI Researcher, and Manga lover in Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

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Greetings, it's me, Kocarus. I have a huge passion for understanding the newest technologies and science in this extraordinary world. I am also interested in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, video games, and sports. I work out almost everyday to keep fit and maintain a healthy life.

I am strong in critical thinking, logical thinking, pressure handling and problem-solving. My creativity is a plus, also. I love to analyze, brainstorm and laser focus on the solution instead of the problem in every situation. Overall, I can say adaptability is my greatest strength!

I love discovering how wonderful things are working in many aspects of life and share them with everyone on my blog (https://kocarus.blogspot.com/). Such mindset motivates me on self-studying to keep up with trending technologies, sharing my knowledge, experience and helping people around. I can use English pretty fluently. Furthermore, I'm currently learning Japanese at N3 level to pursue my dream :)

I admire inspirational people with greatest innovations around and plan on making one someday. I highly appreciate the power of teamwork where everyone can contribute and hone their skills from each other to create awesome things out of nothing.

I'm a tough guy at work but when I play, I play with truly passion, persistence and high determination. I'm always eager to learn new things and I will never stop learning because there are so many beautiful things out there to keep learning, adapting and evolving.

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