Carsten Koch

Senior Account Manager in Berlin, Deutschland

♥️🤔🙏💪🙋‍♂️– that's me. Wondering what all those emojis mean? Well, buckle up and follow my blog for the scoop!

So, since 2019, I've been rocking it as a Senior Account Manager at Amazon Web Services, catering to the needs of those Digital Natives Businesses. I've got more than two decades of sales wizardry under my belt and a solid 4+ years mastering the art of Product Management.

My cloud journey began in 2011 when I unleashed a product prototype on Heroku. That "git push origin main" move blew my mind – suddenly my creation was out there in the world, safe and sound, without me breaking a sweat on the infrastructure front. Fast forward to 2014, and I dipped my toes into AWS, marveling at the plenty of solutions they had even back then.

In 2011, I dove headfirst into the startup world, and guess what? I'm still hooked! The energy and ambition these young companies bring to the table are just my cup of coffee. ☕

When I'm not conquering the digital realm, I'm the superhero Head of Audio/Visuals at Mosaik Berlin, a rad church that spreads the message of Jesus in the freshest, most creative ways. Back in 2000, I snagged a degree in Audio Engineering, and I'm stoked that I get to unleash my talents in this environment. From fine-tuning sound in churches to pimping up sound systems and even translating kids ministry content into German – I've done it all.

Wanna shoot the breeze? Feel free to hit me up through the social links below. Let's chat, laugh, and maybe even toss in a few more emojis for good measure! 🤘😄

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